Solved Registration Spam


Staff member
Sep 14, 2021
More than 250 new users have been registered in the last week on the Of these new users, more than 30 people have verified their email and created their own biolinks page. But only 5 people designed their pages properly, the rest created empty pages and never returned to them. This is very strange and was classified by me as SPAM. As a result, I closed the registration in the service and deleted all unconfirmed accounts, just a little later I will delete all confirmed accounts with blank pages of biolinks.
In order to avoid further spam, registration in the biolink service will be done manually on your personal request.
I hope to resolve the issue of mass spam registration in the future by adding captcha, but until that time, all registrations will be carried out manually.

Be sure to fill out your page if you have already registered in the bio links service, otherwise all inactive accounts will be deleted in the near future.
From now on, to get a free account of the biolink service, you will need to register first on the NFT community forum and go through your profile confirmation.
Regards, Eugene!