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Sep 14, 2021
Hello friends! At the moment, a free bio link service is being implemented for every NFT artist. The domain on which the bio link service will be available has already been registered -
Hosting where the site will be hosted is also ready to go.
I will create NFTart to raise funds to support this project, and each of you will be able to contribute to its early launch by adding to your collection on HEN.
All the main points of the service have already been tested and to launch it is necessary to purchase licensed software in order to easily cope with errors and service bugs in the future, as well as customize the service to our needs.
You can see an example of the work of the future service by clicking on my test biolink

To everyone who supports my initiative, I will send an invitation to the forum, after which you will receive the status of an Alpha Tester on the project.

I will be very glad if you support me and my idea. Even if there are no applicants at all, in any case I will launch this project for everyone for free.

I love and hug everyone! Success Dear Friends!
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Sep 15, 2021
wow! Congratulations with start! ))) Keep going!!!
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