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    Solved Registration Spam

    Spam problem solved! Added ReCaptcha check to exclude automated registration spam. All suspicious accounts have been deleted, sorry if real accounts were accidentally hit. I ask you to re-register in the biolink service. Registration is available again! Regards, Eugene!
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    Solved Registration Spam

    More than 250 new users have been registered in the last week on the Of these new users, more than 30 people have verified their email and created their own biolinks page. But only 5 people designed their pages properly, the rest created empty pages and never returned to them. This...
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    New Forum Design

    Hello friends! Yesterday I added a new forum design as an experiment. Gradually, I will refine it and bring it to its final form. I hope you enjoy the new solution and it will be more pleasant to perceive.
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    In the near future I plan to work on the design of the forum and add some colors

    In the near future I plan to work on the design of the forum and add some colors
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    Termination of temporary registration

    Hello everyone. On October 7, 2021, at 12:00 Kyiv time, a temporary test registration on the forum is closed. After that, it will be possible to register on the forum only by submitting an application or by invitation. Thanks to everyone who joined and helped test the registration form, as a...
  6. Lego

    For Sale Lego

    When I was little, I could only dream about the Lego constructor. It was an inaccessible pleasure for the boys of my time. And only when faced with stop motion animation, I began to embody into reality not only the tactile desire to have a designer, but also create an animation with my own...
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    My little story

    Thank you very much for your support and kind words. You supported me very much and in my big story, which I will definitely write, there is already a reserved place for you :)
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    My little story

    Hello friends! My name is Eugene, I am a stop motion artist from Ukraine. I am a happy father of two little boys and a loving husband for my wife. On October 19, 2021, I am ending my three month probation period at Trandformer as a stop motion artist. Almost three months ago, I managed to...
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    Resources - Knowledge base

    Now you can create a knowledge base on the forum. You can add the necessary NFT tools useful for each artist and collector, add various market placements, create a guide, tell about an interesting artist or event, and much more. At the moment, I am forming cataloging in the resources section and...
  10. DevaMotion - biolink service

    Hello everyone! More recently, I have implemented my idea of creating an online and free bio link service for the NFT Community. Now everyone can create their own page for free with links to their marketplaces, collections, add any necessary information to their own page with a clear thematic...
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    Showcase - Personal NFT gallery

    Now I am engaged in the implementation of personal artist galleries with the possibility of cataloging works on various marketplaces. It's a good start, except that it is almost impossible to use a video link as a preview of an item. On the whole, it turns out very interesting. If you have ideas...
  12. Pixio

    Sold Pixio

    Description A Stop motion Animation consisting of 292 still pictures. Shot with a Canon EOS 600D and animated in Dragonframe. Edited in Photoshop and After Effects. It took 36 hours to create this work. I used the Pixio magnetic blocks. This work became for me the starting point in professional...
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    Temporary registration is Open!

    Dear friends, hello! Today I am opening a temporary opportunity to register on the forum. Within a few days it will be possible to register in the project, but only active users will receive the "Alpha tester" status. Let's create our oasis together! Welcome!
  14. DevaMotion service Works! Works! Hello dear friends. Today, as promised, the Free Biolink Service for Artists and Collectors of the NFT Community is launched. Now you can easily organize all your necessary links to marketplaces, collections, social networks and whatever comes to your mind in a very...
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    Verification Badge

    Now each forum member can submit a request to verify his account by specifying the necessary data in the application. Verification will be carried out manually in order to avoid mistakes. If you see the verification badge opposite the nickname, then you can be sure that this is a real artist or...